Auto Hail Damage Repair in Plano, Texas

In Plano, Texas hail damage is a common phenomenon. Hail is pellets of frozen rain that come down from cumulonimbus clouds.

When these ice spheres fall on your car, they can cause extensive damage to your vehicle’s body panels and windshield. Auto hail repair is a serious problem that requires expert service.

Paintless Dent Repair

Paintless dent repair, also known as PDR, is a process that removes dents from your car’s body. It uses special tools to gently massage the metal back to its original shape without the use of fillers, sanding or painting.

It’s a highly specialized technique that requires extensive training and practice, along with the correct tools, to perform correctly. A technician needs to know where to get at the dents, which inner panels need to be removed to get at them, and how to apply pressure in precise locations.

A paintless dent repair tech will examine your vehicle and select tools specific to the year, make and model of your car. They will carefully remove a few inner panels to gain access to the damaged areas and then push or pull the dent out using slow pressure.

This is a very effective way to fix hail damage and small dents caused by shopping carts, collisions, or even a simple bump. It’s non-invasive and will not impact your vehicle’s paint warranty.

Paintless Dent Removal

Paintless Dent Removal, also called PDR, is a skilled and safe way to remove small dents, hail damage, creases, and bumper dings from your vehicle. This technique involves gaining access behind the damaged panel and gently manipulating the dent back to its original shape.

The process requires a wide range of tools and training. These include specialized tools that are sized and shaped to access the dent from underneath the vehicle’s body, and tools that push against the outside of the panel.

This approach is much safer and faster than traditional body repair methods, such as sanding and applying bondo to the body panels. It can also be less expensive than painting and refinishing.

Door dings are prime candidates for PDR, but large dents and dings on the side of your vehicle can be repaired using this method as well. Hail damage is considered on a case by case basis to determine the best method for your vehicle.

Hail Damage Repair

Hail damage is common to Plano, TX, and can often be a huge problem for your vehicle. When hail hits your car, it can cause a wide range of issues including dents, dings, and body creases.

Getting your car repaired quickly is vital to the health of your vehicle and to ensuring that your insurance company pays you for the repairs. This is why it is essential to choose an experienced auto hail repair business that understands what your specific needs are.

For over 15 years, Mike Brown and his team have been working tirelessly to learn how to restore hail damaged vehicles. In 2010, Mike decided it was time to take his talents to the next level and opened IntelliDent. Today, this company has become one of the most experienced paintless dent repair businesses in Texas. Located in Plano, TX, the team at IntelliDent is committed to providing top-quality auto hail damage restoration services.

Windshield Repair

Your windshield is a key safety feature on your vehicle. It is crafted from tempered glass designed to withstand the elements and remain intact in harsh conditions.

Fortunately, your car’s windshield can be easily repaired when it’s damaged. This is especially true if the damage is minor and does not affect visibility. However, if the crack is very small or jagged, it may be time to get the entire windshield replaced.

Windshield repair is usually affordable and can be covered by your insurance policy, so it’s a good idea to make sure any damages are taken care of as soon as they appear. Otherwise, they could cause bigger damage and be a safety hazard for you and your passengers on the road.

The best way to protect your car’s windshield is to schedule a windshield repair appointment at Porsche Plano in North Dallas as soon as you notice any chipping or cracking. Our experienced team will repair the damage and re-calibrate your driver assistance systems to ensure you are safe on the road.

Auto Hail Repair Plano

When hail storms hit Plano, it can cause serious damage to your car. These irregular sized lumps of ice often break your windshield and can also cause extensive dents in your body panels. The best way to avoid costly repairs is to schedule a hail damage inspection with an expert.

The Best Hail Repair & Paintless Dent Removal Company located in Plano TX

Auto Hail Repair Plano has been providing the best in professional PDR paintless dent repair and Auto Hail Damage Repair since 2010 and have a team of experienced technicians to get your vehicle back on the road as quickly as possible. Our paintless dent repair service is preferred by insurance companies and will save you a lot of money compared to traditional body shop repairs.

Why PDR Is Better than Body Shop Hail Repair

Many people choose PDR because it is an insurance industry approved process that will remove dents, dings and creases from your vehicle permanently without the use of bondo and body filler. This method will also preserve your vehicles factory paint and retain its value.

At our Plano auto body repair shop we can even fix small dents and dings that you may not have thought were ever there. Using a specialized dent tool we can massage the dent out and make it disappear.

We can fix dents and dings from your door jambs, bumpers, roof, hood, trunk and more. If you are looking to have dents and dings removed from your auto, call us or visit our location in Plano for a FREE estimate today!

The top rated auto hail and dent repair company that services the whole Dallas area including Arlington, North Dallas, Richardson, Plano, Carrollton, Lewisville, McKinney, Hudson Oaks, Weatherford, Granbury, Stephenville, and more.

Whether you need minor or major hail damage repaired, our team will get your vehicle back to pre-storm condition as quickly as possible. We will work with your insurance company to ensure you get the best price for your repair.

Hail Damage Repair is a Fine Art

Our highly trained and knowledgeable technicians specialize in repairing hail damage to your vehicle. We will not only restore your vehicle to its original condition but we will ensure that you are satisfied with our work.

At our body shop we are trained in all aspects of hail damage repair and can handle both large and small dents from hail stones. We will take pride in our work and provide you with a lifetime warranty on your hail damage repair.

We also provide quality customer service and can handle your hail damage insurance claim from start to finish ensuring you the best price.