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Your roof is one of the most important components of your home. It helps protect your family from the elements and is often the first line of defense against intruders. The best roofs are strong, durable and low-maintenance. Talk with one of the leading roofing companies McKinney TX about your needs today!

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Your roof protects your home from the elements. It fights off heat, rain, wind, snow and ice, as well as ultraviolet rays. As time goes by, it begins to wear down.

That’s why a thorough inspection is essential to your home’s health and safety. When a trusted roofing contractor comes to your home, they’ll check out every aspect of your roof.

It could be a simple leak, an asphalt shingle that’s starting to become brittle or some other issue that can cost you big money down the road.

If you want to avoid these costs and get the most value out of your roofing system, give us a call today!

As spring approaches, the Better Business Bureau is seeing a rise in reports of shady “free” roof inspection scams. These cons come when a so-called roofer calls or knocks on your door claiming they can offer you a free inspection of your roof for no charge.

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Whether your roof is old or needs an upgrade, our contractors are here to help. Contact us today to get your FREE estimate.

Our certified roofing team is available six days a week to answer your questions. We’re dedicated to providing you with sound advice and honest evaluations.

A leaking roof can cause water damage to your home’s interior and exterior, which can eventually lead to mold or other serious problems. Regular repairs can prevent these costly issues from occurring.

Winds can also damage your roof if they’re too strong. A tree limb hitting your roof at 30 MPH could result in severe damage, especially when combined with other factors such as rain or hail.

We’re Licensed & Insured

The roofing contractors near McKinney, TX that you choose to install your new roof will play a major role in how well the job turns out. The right contractor carries liability insurance that protects your home in the event that something goes wrong with the work.

A good insurance policy should also include workers’ compensation, which covers their employees if they get injured on the job. This type of coverage is a must-have for any home improvement project, but it’s even more important when hiring a roofing company in McKinney, TX.

Luckily, there are many great roofing companies in the area that will do the job correctly the first time. Some of these companies have been around for years and have won numerous awards for their high-quality work. For instance, Tallent Roofing has completed over 20,000 roofing projects and won numerous awards for their customer service. Likewise, Paradigm Roofing is a locally owned and operated company in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex that has been serving McKinney and surrounding areas since 2008. It is their commitment to providing exceptional customer service that sets them apart from the competition.

We’re Local

McKinney residents have many options when it comes to local roofing contractors. These professionals have the qualifications, training, and tools to assess, service, install, and repair various roof systems.

Choosing to hire professional roofing services can help homeowners avoid damage to their roofs and other home parts, as well as ensure that they get excellent warranties on their work. Moreover, these experts have the expertise and experience to deal with the most complex roof issues quickly and efficiently.

When severe storms hit McKinney, the winds can cause shingles to curl or even come off completely. They can also blow tree limbs and other debris onto a roof, causing punctures and tears in the roofing material. Winds can also cause the sealant between layers to break, allowing water to leak in. This can lead to costly damages, such as mold and mildew growth and structural problems. It’s best to have your roof inspected by a professional roofer when these issues arise.